TEKNOGAS GAS ENGINEERS THIRD PARTY AUDITORS provides a comprehensive package of services designed to assist Social Housing Providers in managing their gas activities, fulfilling their duties as a Landlord and maintaining compliance with the regulatory codes.

TEKNOGAS GAS ENGINEERS THIRD PARTY AUDITORS has become one of the industry’s most experienced Gas Audit Provider. Our extensive knowledge in providing this service to Registered Social Landlords has enabled us to develop a bespoke IT solution combined with the hand held technology carried by all our Auditors. This allows us to provide both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the standard of servicing and workmanship following annual landlord gas safety inspections and also new installation work to both Domestic and Commercial appliances.

Our extensive reporting system ensures immediate identification of poor workmanship and helps us to tailor toolbox talks, giving tuition and guidance to the operative concerned. Work in progress visits are also carried out by our fully qualified Auditors.


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Teknogas, Shard End, Pear Tree House, As a team of Tech Savvy individuals with lots of experience in the domestic gas under our belt, we deliver gas safe solutions that provide outstanding audits.  
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