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Gas Safety Information for Landlords

Gas Safety Information for Landlords

Landlords and property owners involved in letting flats, houses and holiday accommodation for rent have a legal obligation to comply with laws dealing with gas safety.

Rental property types include:
· Residential properties including housing association and local authority housing properties, private rental properties, hostels and co-operative housing properties
· Holiday accommodation including cottages and flats, caravans and chalets and also narrow boats
· Rental of rooms in private houses, bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation and also room rental in a bed-sit

When it comes to the landlord's responsibilities for rental properties that feature gas appliances, these can be summarised as follows:
· Maintenance: Any and all gas appliances including all pipework and flues (where fires are concerned) should be services at least once a year or in accordance to manufacturers guidelines. In some cases an engineer may recommend that a certain appliance is serviced or inspected on a more regular basis e.g. several times a year

· Annual Check: An annual or 12 month gas safety check should be performed on all and any gas appliance (including flues) to ensure their safe to use

· Inspection Records: The above annual safety check must also be provided to any residing tenant within 28 days of the completion of the inspection. The safety check also needs to be supplied to any new tenants before they move in. It is also the landlords responsibility to keep a record of these checks for a minimum of two years

Fitting Gas Safety Valves to the gas meter


Carbon monoxide alarm - Used to detect the presence of carbon monoxide

The Gas Safe Register

One of the aims of the Gas Safety Register is to raise public awareness of the danger of carbine monoxide poisoning and to prepare and maintain a list of qualified gas engineers and firms so that the public receives better protection against the activities of unqualified persons. The scheme is run by the Capita Group on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive.

The public are strongly advised to fit a carbon monoxide alarm that emits on audible warring if carbon monoxide is detected.

This is necessary because this gas cannot be seen or smelt so an alarm is the only method of receiving a warning of its presence.

Landlords’ Gas Safety Responsibilities

To make sure that any gas appliances and flues provided for tenants are safe for continued use. Landlords must arrange for them to be checked for safety every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. New regulations introduced in April 2018 allow a landlord to arrange for a gas safety check to be carried out any time from 10 – 12 calendar months after the previous check whilst still preserving the original check expiry date. Where a gas safety check is carried out less than 10 months or more than 12 months after the previous gas safety check this will have the effect of ‘resetting the clock’ and the new deadline date will now be 12 months from the date of this latest gas safety check.


A record of this annual gas safety check will include specific information on the results of the tests carried out. A copy of the gas safety record must be provided to an existing tenant within 28 days of the check being completed or to new tenants before they move in. Landlords must keep copies of the record for two years. If a landlord has benefited from the new regulations allowing flexibility in timing of gas safety checks, records must be kept until two further gas safety checks have been carried out. 


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